Mental Bacteria and Spiritual Germ-Ex.

vectorstock_1181335It’s that time of year sweet talkers. Winter is creepin’ up on us one crispy little snowflake at a time. Even if you don’t live in a climate of COLD, winter brings about the business of the holidays and the impending arrival of the New Year, which scares the pants off some people (another year gone? Crap!) This is “Emotional Flu” season, ya’ll. The important thing to know: When you’ve reached that level of feeling unenthusiastic, unmotivated, and generally uninterested in anything YOU HAVE REACHED A MOMENT OF OPPORTUNITY.

Believe it or not.

We all experience these moments of imbalance where the scales are tipped to exhaustion and overexertion and we’re feeling so lack luster that it seems like nothing will get our engines roaring again. During these times your body is telling you something. Your spirit is speaking to you and you have an incredible opportunity to tackle yourself head on.

Consider, if you will, your ego. Selfish, immature, petulant, and pushy. It whines in your ear that there’s nothing to do. That there are no potentials for adventure or opportunities for fun. Life is dull, hobbies are pointless and.. well… you’re just not good enough at anything anyway for it to really matter.

The ego is so damn whiny and it’s pretty much just collapsed on the floor and refused to do anything. It’s become a dead weight you can feel  in your bones… that heavy, yucky feeling that’s telling you to “veg. out”. It’s so bad that you just can’t handle it anymore and you give in and plant yourself on the couch and watch the entire first season of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” instead of writing another page in your book, finishing up that gorgeous scarf you were crocheting, calling a friend to grab coffee, working on your sparkling marketing plan, or trying that new recipe for homemade shampoo.

We’ve all been there.

There’s NOTHING wrong with taking it easy, chilling out to watch a movie or catch up on our favorite TV show. Take a bath, read a book, treat yourself to an afternoon nap. Relaxing is so important. The thing is…

There’s a difference between “Relaxing” and “Giving up for the day”.

When you relax your spirit should be nourished, your body rejuvenated, and your mind re-energized. You should feel happy and soothed and REVIVED after relaxation. Relaxation helps us feel all shiny and powerful on the inside.
When you “give up for the day” you’re taking the low road and denying your spirit’s desires to participate in growth. Inevitably you’re going to feel slouchy, achy, tired, and even MORE unmotivated than you did when you sat down. These feelings end up being a terrific environment for the growth of “mental bacteria”.

Mental Bacteria Grows Thoughts Like:


Won’t ever get anything done.

This is why I’m not where I want to be in life.

Not worth it, won’t be good enough anyway.

Ahem. Allow me to slap you (and myself) upside the head with some holiday cheer and some advice that I found is good all year round for keeping those emotional flu bugs at bay, some Spiritual Germ-Ex if you will.


Address Yourself With Love.

Gather yourself up in a bear hug, whether your want to or not, and utter an affirmation. This is ALWAYS important.

“This moment is a moment of growth. I am capable of anything and able to pursue my goals and dreams with a beautiful and thankful attitude. I am worth forward movement and I am strong enough to fight the blues away!”

You can maybe even add yourself a little “ROAR” in there. (I do. Rawr.)

affirmationheartIdentify The Center Of Your Sickness.

No one knows your feelings better than you. No one. It may take some digging, some rooting around in some not so cute emotional underbrush, but you’ll be able to come to the bottom of what exactly it is that’s bothering you. Be open and honest with yourself. Big or small ALL of your feelings count.

It may help if you write it down.

affirmationheartDevise A Treatment Plan

Now that you’ve identified the root of your emotional yuck, make a list of things that may help make you feel better or get your motivated. Sometimes JUST DOING IT is the best remedy.

Activate your energy purposefully.

affirmationheartDo a plank.

The physical effort will open up blood flow and rouse your energy into action via more effective oxygen transfer.

affirmationheartLaugh out loud.

Whether you mean it or not the action of laughing will trick your brain into releasing “feel better” brain chemicals. Try tickling yourself or telling yourself a joke. It may not work but you’ll feel so absurd that you’ll get a smile or two out of it (worth it).

affirmationheartGo outside.

Even if it’s just for a second. Rain, shine, snow. It doesn’t matter. Cold air will wake you up, warm sun will revitalize you, the act of standing in the rain will liven up the your inner “fun” party.

affirmationheartWear colors that please you.

Well, of course!

affirmationheartSmell something pretty.

Smells are HUGE pick me ups. Our sense of smell has VIP access to our brain. Smells trigger emotional responses faster than any other of our senses and our brain easily remembers previous emotions connected with certain smells.


For a boost:

Throw some cinnamon sticks (or powder) and orange peels in a pot of boiling water and let is simmer. Your house is going to smell AMAZING and the warm citrus scent will comfort you through your blues.

affirmationheartTake some deep breaths. We all know we don’t breathe deeply enough. There’s a TON of stale air just squatting in our lungs. Breathing in to full capacity and pressing every last bit of air back out helps recirculate oxygen, which gives us brighter eyes and bushier tales.

Imagine yourself breathing all the brilliant light that is possibility, positive thinking, and joy and releasing all of the toxic sludge that’s been taking up unlawful residence in your mind and body.

affirmationheartThe Most Important Thing affirmationheart

Know that you are NOT ALONE. This happens to everyone.

Remember that you HAVE THE POWER and the STRENGTH to conquer these yucks. You DESERVE to feel better and you can.

It’s time to conquer those blues, sister! Turn off “Buffy”, stretch those restless limbs of yours, wiggle your fingers and toes (because it’s fun), let out your signature battle cry and turn your lethargy into growth, opportunity, and renewed enthusiasm.

Let’s do this!


4 thoughts on “Mental Bacteria and Spiritual Germ-Ex.

  1. Wonderful post~
    Another thing to think about, that I have been remembering myself recently, is that perfection is the enemy of good people. Perfectionism not only sets us up for an emotional downward spiral when we can’t meet up to our expectations, it also sets our friends, family and anyone we are around up for failure, in our minds, as well. The perfection lenses that we look at our world through, and our own actions, are the same lenses that we view everything else. WIth this view on life we are less patient with others, judge quickly, get angry quickly, and create some what of resentment in our hearts because these people are not living up to what we deem as “perfect” and or “acceptable”. Forbearing with love goes out the window. And it is a huge catalyst for emotional “flu” as well. Live each day knowing that everything that you did was exactly what you were meant to do that day :). Muah

  2. This is a really great post!! I myself have been experiencing a little emotional germmy and I had to allow myself time to recover. Like our bodies, our mental and emotional bodies need time to rest and recoop as well!! Liking and sharing!!

  3. Really, really good stuff here. I especially like your example of spiritual germ-ex self talk. Addressing ourselves with love makes all the difference. I am going to share this post on my Facebook page and with the folks in my workshop series tonight. Ironically, self love is our topic tonight. Evidence of the right message coming along exactly when you need it. Thank you!

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